The Winner’s Manual

Take Control of Your Life

How to Ditch the Quick Fixes and Finally Produce Results That Last!

Are you tired of the fad diets, “magic pills,” and “cleanses”? Have you had enough of the quick fixes and yo-yo dieting? Are you ready to finally learn how to produce results that last!? Then The Winner’s Manual is the book for you!

This isn’t a quick-fix diet or weight-loss program. It’s a book that will teach you everything necessary to not only get in your best shape but stay in your best shape for the rest of your life!

Step by step, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a strong mind, body, and spirit.

  • Develop a healthy relationship with food.

  • Include ALL of your favorite foods in your everyday diet.

  • Build lean muscle.

  • Burn fat.

  • Find balance within your personal fitness and nutrition.

And, most importantly, live your healthiest and happiest life the Plant Strength way!

This isn’t a diet. It’s a LIFESTYLE!

Coming December 2019